Baby Life

The arrival of a baby literally means an upheaval in the routine for every family. Our Baby LIFE product line provides support to manage the unknown, uncertainty and anxiety that accompany caring for both newborns and postnatal mothers, including health care for toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children. The production of our medicines is based on the concepts of processing organic substances. We carefully monitor the high quality of our products.

Parasitol for the elimination of maggots and parasites

Would you like to quickly cleanse your children’s body of worms and parasites?

Parasitol will help you. We offer you a unique product with an organic composition for the effective elimination of intestinal worms and parasites from 18 months of age. The strawberry-flavored extract of pumpkin seeds and garlic will remove parasites in a short time and your children will be happy and satisfied again.

Our research department works daily and prepares new products for you. In the near future, expect more news that will make your life easier.

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