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Under a new emergency measure issued today by the Ministry of Health and approved by the government, the obligation to wear veils no longer applies to children under the age of seven in kindergarten and in a children’s group, to persons whose current mental state does not allow compliance with this ban. production of audiovisual works, as well as moderators and editors appearing on radio, television and other guest programs.

The emergency measure of the Ministry of Health follows on from the measure of 9 April 2020, extending the current exemptions from the obligation to wear veils for children under two years of age, persons with severe autism spectrum disorders, persons in a closed vehicle (if all members are common households) and public transport drivers who are themselves in a closed cabin separate from the passenger compartment.

A new exception is the stay of children from two to seven years in a kindergarten and children’s group while they are staying in the premises of a kindergarten or children’s group, both internally and externally. Furthermore, an exception is provided for persons with intellectual disabilities, cognitive impairment or severe mental status alterations, whose mental abilities or current mental state do not allow compliance with this prohibition, due to the nature and manifestations of their illness. This exception also includes people with severe autism spectrum disorders. Another exception applies to the right not to wear respiratory protective equipment for artists when performing an author’s work and other persons appearing in audiovisual works or programs. However, this exception may be applied only if the person organizing the performance of the copyright work or the filming of the audiovisual work or program ensures that the necessary hygiene measures are complied with.

“We have extended the exceptions to the obligation to wear veils to performing artists and moderators. But everything is conditioned by strict adherence to the set conditions during filming. Disinfection is an absolute necessity, as is a negative PCR test for performing artists,” said Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch.

All others who are not covered by the exceptions continue to be required to wear a mouth and nose cover (such as a respirator, drape, scarf, shawl, or other means to prevent the spread of droplets). “This measure remains one of the important preconditions for preventing the spread of coronavirus in the Czech Republic. The most common ways in which the virus enters the human body are the mucous membranes, ie the mouth, nose and also the eyes. Therefore, you must always protect yourself and your surroundings by using respiratory protection. It is the least we can do,” added the Minister of Health.

There are also a number of conditions attached to these exceptions. If the organizers require a person performing audiovisual works to perform without respiratory protective equipment during the production of the program, they must meet a number of conditions. The artist should have a negative RT-PCR test for the presence of SARS CoV-2, which is not older than 4 days before the start of the work or the filming of the audiovisual work or program, and then at least once every 14 days if the work continues. it should be disinfected regularly, disinfection should be available to all participants and a distance of at least 2 m should be maintained between performers and others (this distance need not be observed between performing artists).

The aim of the emergency measure is to use a barrier against the spread of droplets from the carrier of this disease, so as to prevent the community transmission of covid-19 as much as possible. The extraordinary measure shall take effect on the day of its issuance.

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