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10 pcs.

Travel packaging of the face mask for the public TNI CWA 17553: 2020 for common use in transport, enclosed spaces, offices, but also for domestic purposes and everywhere where there are high demands on hygiene. The 3-layer non-woven fabric curtain is manufactured using the Melt-blown technology.

Meltblown products have excellent filtration, sorption and insulation capabilities. A nonwoven fabric is a structure of textile fibers interconnected by any technique except weaving, knitting, bobbin-making, plaiting and tufting.

Thanks to the material used (PP and non-woven fabric), the drape is extremely light and has high breathability. It protects the user from droplet infection while minimizing the spread of the infection if the user is infected. The drape does not contain latex.


The drape can be sterilized using alcohol or isopropyl alcohol based disinfectants. Spray disinfectant on both sides.

How to use:

To put on the drape correctly, you will find a metal or reinforced strap on top. Place this part on the root of the nose and seal it around the root of the nose with your index finger and thumb with appropriate pressure. Place the rubber bands on the left and right sides of the veil behind the ears. If you need to adjust the length of the rubber bands, shorten them with a knot. Make sure the veil covers your nose, mouth and chin.

After putting on the drape and using it, do not touch it, only touch the fastening rubber bands.

When removing the drape, do not touch the front of the drape again, which may be contaminated. Dispose of the unnecessary drape in a closed waste bin. Wash your hands with alcohol, disinfectant soap or gel and water. If antibacterial agents are available, apply them on your hands and leave them to work. Hand washing should follow even after accidentally touching the front of the drape while using it. If your drape gets wet, replace it with a new and dry one. Keep in mind that a damp drape reduces its effectiveness.

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Cena od DPH (21%): 25,00  Kód dodavatele: 00024


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