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With the birth of a baby, life turns upside down for the whole family. Especially new mothers often do not know what awaits them. Our Baby life product line guides you through the care of newborns and mothers after giving birth, providing care for newborns, preschoolers and school-aged children. Medicines are made on an organic basis, bringing you and your family the best for health. The basis is the high quality of all products. Pregnancy is a special period in every woman’s life. The body of the expectant mother, which changes during this period, needs special care and support. In addition to physical and psychological changes in the organism, the need for nutrients necessary for the proper development of the child also increases. Baby life is an important support for you.

Parasitol for the elimination of maggots and parasites

A body contaminated with parasites works harder, is more susceptible to infections and the patient experiences pain. Human parasites are animal organisms that live most often inside the human body, although external parasites also exist. The prevention of parasitic diseases and, if symptoms of parasitic infection appear, an appropriate response is of key importance. Parazitol is a completely unique product that has an effective composition leading to a very effective elimination of maggots and parasites in children from 18 months of age. This pumpkin seed extract has a very pleasant strawberry flavor and a quick effect.

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