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Herpes gel

Are you pregnant and have cold sores? Did your child drink from a dirty cup and his lips are all red?
Until today, there was no drug on the market that was suitable for the safe treatment of cold sores. We have therefore developed our own organic cold sore treatment gel, which is suitable for children and expectant mothers. Herpes gel does not contain alcohol and you will not even see it on your lips – it is transparent.

TRANSPARENT HERPES gel for cold sores can make the treatment more pleasant and you can be among people again.

The special composition is WITHOUT alcohol.

Herpes gel is carefully manufactured in our factory in Germany.

The best quality at an affordable price for everyone.

Hydrogen peroxide

Traditional antiseptic in a new package.
Deciding which wound treatment disinfectant to take on your trip, but none will fit in your suitcase?
We have a solution – Hydrogen peroxide 3% in 50 ml and 100 ml packaging with a removable dropper for easy use.
For a bag, first aid kit, backpack and pocket – the ideal solution, our peroxide.
The best antiseptic that does not contain alcohol and is suitable for children and pregnant women.
Use it to treat the injured area or to rinse the oral cavity.

Fresh smile

The basis for maintaining the beautiful appearance and health of our teeth is proper care of their hygiene. For this reason, it is worth knowing dentists’ recommendations on how to brush your teeth. But it doesn’t stop there – it turns out that many people don’t know how to take care of their toothbrush. If you think that it is enough to simply rinse it after cleaning, you are very wrong. The toothbrush needs to be properly stored and disinfected. Fresh smile is a product that helps disinfect toothbrushes very effectively. It is easy to use: after each use of the brush, spray the spray on the bristles from a short distance. Rinse it with clean water before using it again. Fresh smile effectively kills bacteria that appear on the brush.


A properly functioning liver is the basis for the proper functioning of the body. This organ has regenerative properties, but this does not mean that it is indestructible and does not need to be cared for. When various types of liver problems appear, you can start using Heplodex over-the-counter liver products. It is a product based on ingredients of plant origin. A diseased liver may not show any symptoms for a long time, or the symptoms may be so non-specific that patients do not pay attention to them. However, when ailments related to the improper functioning of this organ appear, the first thing you can do is to take Heplodex, which will support and improve the activity of the digestive system and liver. In combination with a change in diet and lifestyle, this product effectively supports liver activity, contributes to its detoxification and proper regeneration.



Sleep problems affect more and more people. Everyday difficulties with falling asleep, waking up at night and feeling tired after waking up – these are ailments that are increasingly being faced not only by the elderly. It is estimated that sleep problems affect one in four people in the world today. We have a solution in the form of Calmepam. It will help you in case of insomnia, increased fatigue, but also with concentration of attention or in moments when you feel irritated. When stress has a major impact on your daily functioning and sleep problems become a problem, our food supplement Calmepam can help. It is characterized above all by its natural composition and a high level of safety compared to sleep medications prescribed by a doctor.

Parasitol for the elimination of maggots and parasites

A body contaminated with parasites works harder, is more susceptible to infections and the patient experiences pain. Human parasites are animal organisms that live most often inside the human body, although external parasites also exist. The prevention of parasitic diseases and, if symptoms of parasitic infection appear, an appropriate response is of key importance. Parazitol is a completely unique product that has an effective composition leading to a very effective elimination of maggots and parasites in children from 18 months of age. This pumpkin seed extract has a very pleasant strawberry flavor and a quick effect.

Registered medicinal products (RX) for the Czech Republic, SK









BACTERIPIME, 1 g powder for solution for injection/infusion x 1; 10 or 100 vials of 15 ml

CEFOTAXIME-TCHAIKAPHARMA, 1 g powder for solution for injection

CEFTRIAXON- TCHAIKAPHARMA, 1 g powder for solution for injection x 10; x 95; x 100 vials

CEFTRIAXON- TCHAIKAPHARMA, 2 g powder for solution for injection/infusion x 10; x 60; x 66 vials

KEFADIM, 1g powder for solution for injection x 1; x 10; x 100 vials

KLACAR, 500 mg film-coated tablets x 14

KLACAR X,L 500 mg prolonged-release tablets x 7

LEVOR, 500 mg film-coated tablets x 10

LEVOR, 5 mg/ml solution for infusion 5 vials x 50 ml; 5 vials x 100 ml

LIFUROX, 1,5 g powder for solution for injection/infusion 1, 10 or 100 vials of 15 ml

LIFUROX, 750 mg powder for solution for injection/infusion 1, 10 or 100 vials of 15 ml

LIFUROX, 500 mg film-coated tablets x 10

MEROPENEM-TCHAIKAPHARMA, 1 g powder for solution for injection/infusion x 1; x 10 vials

VANCOCIN, CP 1 g powder for solution for infusion x 10 vials

VORIFUNGAL, 200 mg powder for solution for infusion 1 vial of 25 ml

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Celkem obchodník 1 bez prémií4800058500
Obchodník 220,00020,000pracovní úvazek 3 dny v týdnu, fakturace
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Režie obchodník 1 auto + CCS11,00011,000Operativní leasing Fabia s ročním nájezdem do 35 000 km + nájezd 2 000km měsíčně, benzín cena benzínu 36 Kč/litr
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