Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures. This applies primarily to injuries and illnesses. It comes suddenly and without prior appointment. Our Easy LIFE product line helps to manage such situations easily, efficiently and with ease. None of us seriously cares about temporary or permanent consequences. Our practical products must not be missing in any medicine cabinet. In short, we care a lot about the high quality and processing of organic substances.

Herpes gel

Are you pregnant and have cold sores? Did your child drink from a dirty cup and his lips are all red?
Until today, there was no drug on the market that was suitable for the safe treatment of cold sores. We have therefore developed our own organic cold sore treatment gel, which is suitable for children and expectant mothers. Herpes gel does not contain alcohol and you will not even see it on your lips – it is transparent.
TRANSPARENT HERPES gel for cold sores can make the treatment more pleasant and you can be among people again.
The special composition is WITHOUT alcohol.
Herpes gel is carefully manufactured in our factory in Germany.
The best quality at an affordable price for everyone.

Hydrogen peroxide

Traditional antiseptic in a new package.
Deciding which wound treatment disinfectant to take on your trip, but none will fit in your suitcase?
We have a solution – Hydrogen peroxide 3% in 50 ml and 100 ml packaging with a removable dropper for easy use.
For a bag, first aid kit, backpack and pocket – the ideal solution, our peroxide.
The best antiseptic that does not contain alcohol and is suitable for children and pregnant women.
Use it to treat the injured area or to rinse the oral cavity.

Fresh smile

The basis for maintaining the beautiful appearance and health of our teeth is proper care of their hygiene. For this reason, it is worth knowing dentists’ recommendations on how to brush your teeth. But it doesn’t stop there – it turns out that many people don’t know how to take care of their toothbrush. If you think that it is enough to simply rinse it after cleaning, you are very wrong. The toothbrush needs to be properly stored and disinfected. Fresh smile is a product that helps disinfect toothbrushes very effectively. It is easy to use: after each use of the brush, spray the spray on the bristles from a short distance. Rinse it with clean water before using it again. Fresh smile effectively kills bacteria that appear on the brush.

Our research department works daily and prepares new products for you. In the near future, expect more news that will make your life easier.

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