Health prevention includes all behaviors and activities that prevent diseases and enable their early detection and treatment. More than 50 percent of our health depends on lifestyle, systematic preventive examinations and the elimination or minimization of factors contributing to various diseases. Early prevention includes all activities aimed at forming correct health patterns. Healthy life is a product line that provides support when focusing on the prevention of your health. The products are made on an organic basis, they are gentle on the human body.


A properly functioning liver is the basis for the proper functioning of the body. This organ has regenerative properties, but this does not mean that it is indestructible and does not need to be cared for. When various types of liver problems appear, you can start using Heplodex over-the-counter liver products. It is a product based on ingredients of plant origin. A diseased liver may not show any symptoms for a long time, or the symptoms may be so non-specific that patients do not pay attention to them. However, when ailments related to the improper functioning of this organ appear, the first thing you can do is to take Heplodex, which will support and improve the activity of the digestive system and liver. In combination with a change in diet and lifestyle, this product effectively supports liver activity, contributes to its detoxification and proper regeneration.



The product Calmepam is used especially for insomnia, reduced concentration of attention, and for manifestations of irritability and greater fatigue. It is recommended to be used in a balanced manner according to the information given in the package leaflet.

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