The study was started in Russia to study the immunity that is being developed in patients who had COVID-19 against the new coronavirus. The key questions that scientists need to answer are how immunity develops, how “strong” it is, and whether it is possible that a person can be re-infected with COVID-19 after being ill.

The problem with the current virus is that it appeared recently, so there wasn’t enough time to “get acquainted” with it. There is only speculation that since it is SARS, immunity to COVID-19 will also remain for approximately two years. However, there are no confirmed data on the maintenance of immunity.
According to the doctor of medical sciences, professor of pathophysiology of the first medical faculty of the Moscow State University Sechenov – Anton Ershov, the optimal case for the creation of stable immunity against COVID-19 is the course of the disease in a medium form without excessive drug use. And then the human body produces maximum immunity against COVID-19.

And immunity cannot arise in two cases: if the course of the disease was very mild or extremely severe. In the first case, despite the infection, the human body will not have the necessary amount of virus to take the infection seriously and start producing antibodies. In the second case, when the immune system does not form, – if a person is too ill. According to the professor, in serious cases of the disease, the body will be so stressed that all its compensatory forces will be spent on supporting life, and not on building a defense that will provide protection against infection in the future. “The body simply doesn’t have enough strength, specifically proteins to make antibodies,” Yershov explained in an interview with the Ross Gazette.

He stressed that “if we cannot cope with the autumn, in particular there will be no new cases of COVID-19 spread, there will be a second wave. Because it is a completely seasonal virus and will be activated in autumn and winter. “

“Remember that before you can start mass production of a new vaccine, you have to go through a very important phase of testing, which should take another two, sometimes 3 to 4 years. Very few experts are optimistic about the rapid development of a new vaccine. “” Reducing the conditions of clinical trials is bad. We do not know the consequences of its use in the long term. Maybe it will cause oncology? Maybe a genetic disorder of the fetus? There are cases when there is not enough but a proven drug in the long run causes serious consequences “- warned Professor Anton Ershov.

In return, he became an assistant professor of immunology, the Russian National Research Medical University N.I. Pirogova, allergological-immunological Olga Pashchenko, drew the Russians’ attention to the fact that one of the main reasons for the deterioration of human immunity in the current conditions is the uncontrolled use of antibiotics. Antibiotics destroy viruses – they treat bacterial infections that occur with complications caused by viral diseases.

However, a person can kill his immunity not only with antibiotics. During the current self-isolation against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, the healthiest habits were overeating, drinking and a sedentary lifestyle.

People’s biggest mistake is overeating at night. Under the influence of negative news about the pandemic, they often “confiscate” problems, consume a lot of fast food and carbonated drinks. So those who have hidden chronic diseases, open the way for their more pronounced expression, says nutritionist Alexandra Kirilenko.

“Such a lifestyle is the way to obesity, the onset of diabetes mellitus, the incidence of heart disease. The hormonal background is deteriorating, the risk of atherosclerosis is increasing, dementia is increasing, “the doctor warned in an interview with Moscow in the evening. She also noted the extremely negative effect of alcohol on the state of human immunity.

Immunologist Anatoly Ustyushchev says that another, no less harmful habit is sitting at a computer for a long time. “As usual, you come up with a shift and theoretically it would be nice to walk around the apartment, do some warm-up, stretch your body. And what do most do? They keep sitting and switch to watching all kinds of movies, games and other entertainment programs, “said the doctor. According to him, a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer. “No matter how old you are, you should sweat five times a week from physical activity: exercise, squats, complex exercises, cardio load,” the specialist concluded.

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